Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Days

We've had a few days of staying indoors due to a winter storm. Kristen's school was closed Thursday & Friday, and we finally got out today and played in the snow. Thursday we had ice and sleet, then Friday it snowed ALL DAY!! It's beautiful to look at. Kristen made mini cupcakes Friday, and really did most of the work herself. Then she decorated them with pink frosting and sprinkles. She had a blast, and I had fun helping her. And yes, she stayed in her pajamas all day :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun Friday

Every Friday during the last 30 minutes of the school day, Kristen's entire school goes into the cafeteria for Fun Friday! Parents are always welcome to come, however, I hadn't gone until this past Friday. And the reason I went was because Kristen's class and another 1st grade class were singing a song and reciting quotes about Martin Luther King, Jr. She was SO excited!
They say their school creed together, go over the word of the week, and did some other things that I can't remember.

They have all the kids who had birthdays that week stand up and they sing a very fun version of 'Happy Birthday' to them.

Then it was time for their performance. They did great!!

Coming to sit down with the rest of the kids.

Last thing they had was the Mad Scientist. He was hilarious, entertaining, and interesting.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two front teeth

Last week Kristen lost her other front tooth. She would NOT let me try to pull it and it really needed to come out. It was barely hanging on. I had to take her to the doctor for tonsilitis so while we were there the doctor and I were able to convince her to let the doctor give it one try...and it came out easily. It bled quite a bit which she didn't like at all...but she was happy to have the tooth fairy come for a visit :)

Evenings around here are always hectic...after working all day then I cook dinner, clean up, homework, bath, laundry, any cleaning to be done, pay bills, e-mail, etc., etc., and try to get to bed at a decent hour. I work from home and when I'm having my busiest times I will work into the evenings, just getting a little work done in between dinner and bath or any free minutes I can get more work done. I'm also terrible about getting distracted when I go into a room to do something then I see something else to do and I get off course from what I was originally doing. So on one of those nights I was very busy with work, I had started something for Kristen in one room, then gone to another room to get some things, then walked through the office and saw an e-mail I needed to take action I sat down and worked for a little bit and was concentrating on figuring it out and Kristen was sitting on the couch and then she yelled out to me for was at that moment I remembered what I had started for her. I RAN to the bathroom and turned the water off just in the nick of time.