Monday, April 6, 2009

Busy week

Last week was a crazy, busy week because I was having to work late every night, and even had to work Saturday. Kristen was a trooper, even when all I gave her was a bowl of Easy Mac and some carrots for dinner :( Things should be back to normal this week, and we're excited because we'll be heading to Texas on Friday morning to spend Easter weekend down there.

Kristen watched way too much Disney channel and learned quite a few tricks on April 1. For her 1st ever April Fool's joke she got out two boxes of cereal from the cabinet and switched the inside packaging. Then she kept asking me if I wanted to eat some cereal. She couldn't wait for me to get out my cereal and pour it in my bowl, then see that it was actually her cereal. She got such a kick out of trying to trick me :)

Her 2nd loose tooth finally came out. It was barely hanging on...and I mean BARELY hanging on. She could bend it all the way forward where it would be upside down. Here, you can see for yourself :)

The tooth fairy is the coolest!! Kristen got four gold one-dollar coins!! She was so excited.

To end the busy week we went to the Cinderella ballet on Sunday afternoon. I'm really not a huge ballet fan (unless Kristen's dancing), but I could have watched Cinderella and the Prince dance all was beautiful.


Valerie said...

Was it the Tulsa Ballet performing in your area? I work for the Tulsa Ballet and took my cousin's oldest daughter -- I thought it was fantastic, especially the two stepsisters played by guys. :) And some of those costumes were breathtaking.

Phyllis said...

Yes, Valerie, it was the Tulsa Ballet. It was great and the step-sisters were hilarious.