Monday, June 1, 2009

A First, The Last, and other stuff

Wow, we have been busy, busy, busy!! I have a lot of catching up to do :)

A week ago Friday Kristen attended her FIRST slumber party...this was HUGE for her. It was Sami's birthday party and most of the girls were older but since Abby was there she had someone closer to her age and could sleep next to her. She had a blast!! On Sunday she started running a little fever, then Monday she was worse so I took her to the after hours clinic. She tested positive for strep throat. (Thank God Abby did not get it...I was very worried)

Last Thursday was Kristen's LAST day of Kindergarten. I volunteered at the school on Tuesday, and since I was there and asked about the birthday bash for summer birthdays, I was put in charge of organizing it. Make a few phone calls, pick up stuff for the party, put goodie bags together...we got it done.

Thursday night she had dress rehearsal for her recital, and pictures in her costume. Friday night was the rehearsal downtown where the recital was going to be. Then Saturday night was the recital and she did GREAT!! There were 11 of us there to watch her, then we all went out to eat afterwards.

While all this was going on my parents were here and we were doing a little remodel of the guest/Kristen's bathroom. Everything in there was 17 years old, from when the house was built. Popcorn ceiling....gone. Wallpaper...gone. All the old hardware, lighting, faucets...gone. We didn't tear out cabinets or anything like that, just painting and all new hardware, faucets, light, shower curtain, towels. It's a very small bathroom so it's impossible to get good pictures, but hopefully you can see how all our hard work turned out. My parents worked very hard on it, and even my brother-in-law came over and spent several hours helping out with a couple of things.



(The cabinet doors over the toilet wouldn't line up and close correctly when we put them back up with the new hinges, so we had to leave one of them off and my BIL will have to come back over to fix it for me) I also have a little more decorating to do to finish it up.

Kristen also helped Grandpa and her cousin, Landon, wash the cars.

If you've been following Kayleigh Freeman's blog, you know they asked for people to release balloons in Kayleigh's honor on the day they held her funeral. Here is Kristen releasing balloons for Kayleigh.

She started the summer daycamp program at her daycare today and they will be taking LOTS of field trips so she should have a fun summer.


Rhonda said...

awwww, she is truly adorable and I so enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for sharing. Rhonda

Amy said...

Oh I just ADORE you guys and LOVE seeing her picture! Loved the new bathroom look too. Have a GREAT summer- it always goes by too fast! Love, Amy

Debbie T said...

You have been busy!! Love to hear all the latest on Kristen. Your bathroom turned out great! Enjoy your summer - you'll probably just get busier!! Hugs, DebbieT