Monday, March 8, 2010

Teddy Bear Sleepover

We're still here. I had surgery on my thumb 3 weeks ago and it's affected me a little more than I thought it would. It's still painful and swollen, but it's not stopping us from keeping busy and having fun. Friday night the community center had a Teddy Bear Sleepover, and Kristen took her precious Sho Sho. The kids took their bear (or whatever stuffed animal they had), and stayed for a couple of hours for pizza, crafts and games. Then the kids all sat around a lady who read a bedtime story, then the kids all put their bears to bed and left. But they didn't sleep for long...the bears got up and played all night.

Here's Kristen with another little girl and their bears.

Sho Sho and friends playing on the exercise equipment.

And playing checkers.

And he was so exhausted when he got home that Kristen put him to bed to catch up on his sleep.


Leslie said...

Im glad you are back and OUCH about your thumb!!

OMG how cute are those animals!!

Gardenia said...

sweet activity. sorry about your thumb. hope it heals soon. we miss you.

Ερμής said...

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Live to love and laugh said...

Sorry to hear about your thumb. I hope it is feeling better soon.
The teddy sleepover is such a cool idea!