Monday, September 13, 2010

First day of 2nd grade

Once again I am so far behind on blogging. I keep Facebook updated much better than my blog, but since this is basically a journal of our life this is the one I should keep updated better.

Kristen started 2nd grade and she's having a great year. She loves her teacher, and has made some new friends. One thing they are doing is having cooking classes...although they don't do actual cooking with a stove or heat :) They have made purple cows (vanilla ice cream and grape juice), and fruit skewers (watermelon, grapes, apples). At the end of the year they will put together a cookbook with all the recipes they made throughout the year. She loves cooking anyway so this is a lot of fun for her.

This week she is the "star student" in her class. She took pictures of herself that will be displayed, she gets to be the line leader all week, and gets to make some of the decisions on some things they do this week. She's really excited about it.

She also decided to take Cheer & Tumbling again this year...the same class and same teacher that she had last year. She couldn't even do a cartwheel when she started last year, and now she wants to learn to do a back walkover and then a back handspring. We'll see how that goes :) Several of her friends from the class last year are taking it again with her, so those girls are having a blast!!


Leah and Maya said...

wow 2nd grade! how neat that she is star student, it does sound like fun. Glad her year is starting off fun!

Valerie said...

2nd grade, how can that be?!

She is a doll! And how fun is that -- cooking class? Love it.

Doreen said...

so cute Kristen..happy second grade.. Gabi is in 2nd grade too.