Friday, December 31, 2010

Polar Express

Kristen's dance studio did their Christmas production based on The Polar Express. It was called 'If You Believe' and Kristen tried out for it and was cast as one of the kids on the train. She's been in Cheer & Tumbling for the last year and a half, but she was able to perform the dancing just fine. She worked very hard at all their rehearsals and was so happy to be dancing again. The performance was at Rose State College Performing Arts Center, so it was a big stage and a large crowd. Some of these pictures below were from the dress rehearsal because I didn't want to be taking too many pictures during the performance. Most of the pictures are blurry, but you can tell what a great production it was. She was in the train car on the right side of the stage, in the middle row. They had several dances they performed, plus while they were sitting in the train car and other groups of girls were dancing, they were dancing in their seats and she was having so much fun. My parents drove up from Texas, my sister and her kids came, and Michelle brought Hannah, Abby and Landis.

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