Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Story of Sho Sho

As many of you know, Kristen was 22 months old when she came home. That meant she was already speaking quite a bit in Spanish. You know how babies don't always say the words quite right, so you have to figure out what words they are trying to say. Well, with her I had to figure out what Spanish word she was trying to say, then could figure out the English word. Here are some examples of what she said and what I translated it to.
Atchee = Leche = Milk
Mia = Mire = Look
Nena = Nina = Girl
Agua = Water (She said that one perfectly...I knew what she was saying)

When I received her referral I sent her a package with a few things...clothes, toys, and a teddy bear. I would get monthly updates with pictures of her. When I got one of her last updates before she came home that bear was in the pictures with her, along with a few other furry friends. When I finally got to Guatemala and met her in the Marriott Lobby, she was clinging to that bear. I have to admit that I was really excited that she was attached to something I sent :) Thank goodness she got to keep the bear, as he comforted her many times during those first few months. He is still one of her best buddies, although she doesn't drag him everywhere like she did back then. Do you know what the Spanish word for bear is....Oso. But she couldn't say it right...she said Sho Sho. And to this day his name is still Sho Sho.

Kristen and Sho Sho in Guatemala, just a couple of weeks before she came home.

Kristen and Sho Sho now.

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