Friday, October 24, 2008

We're in Texas

Well, I didn't get the chance to do Fav Foto Friday, because we headed for Texas early this morning. It's been a long day, but we've had so much fun. We got to spend some time hanging out with Amy, Aleigha and Kaden. The kids had so much fun playing together and I had so much fun spending time with Amy. Kaden is a sweet and just adorable! Aleigha just gets more beautiful all the time. Unfortunately the other kids were at school so we didn't get to see them.

Then we headed to my parents in Fort Worth, picked them up and headed straight for the mall :) Did some shopping then went out for Mexican food at our favorite restaurant. It's not in the best part of town, and a few months ago when we went there was a shooting right down the street and we passed by as the poor guy was still lying on the ground covered by a tarp, but that still hasn't stopped us from going there.

Tomorrow is my cousin's wedding so that should be a lot of fun. My 3 favorite stores are around here (we don't have them in Oklahoma), so if I can make it to just one of them I'll be a very happy camper. They are The Container Store, Crate and Barrel, and Central Market. Then if everyone is feeling well we will be visiting with Abby on Sunday as we come back home.

This evening Kristen said today was the best day ever!!! She loved jumping on the trampoline at Aleigha and Kaden's house. I'm sure she'll be putting one on her Christmas list now :)

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