Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas in Texas

Kristen and I went to my parents for Christmas, then the whole family drove to my brother's in Austin the day after Christmas. It was so much fun to have the whole family together (minus just a couple of Kristen's cousins). We left Oklahoma before the big blizzard hit...14 inches of snow!! But we did get a little bit of snow in Texas.
Kristen in the little bit of snow that we got.

Playing the piano at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Santa brought a few things for Kristen.

Opening presents on Christmas morning.
In front of the Texas State Capitol in Austin.

Kristen LOVES Matt...he's married to her cousin, Erica. Kristen was the flower girl in their wedding.

Kristen and Mommy.
Kristen's cousins, Erica and Shelby.There are many more pictures I need to sort through and post. And hopefully I'll get some from the rest of the family that they took on their cameras :)

We had a great 2009 and looking forward to an even better 2010. I treasure each day with my beautiful daughter. She's growing up so fast.

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Gardenia said...

happy new year. beautiful pics, especially the one of you and your girlie!