Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Playdate and Cheering

We sure have had a lot going on lately, and are having a lot of fun. About a week ago we got to have a playdate with Abby, Hannah and Landis. The kids worked on a gingerbread train, but I think they had more fun sneaking bites of the candy and the icing :) It had been way too long since these precious girls had seen each other. Aren't they beautiful.

Kristen also went to a cheerleading clinic for 3 hours on a Saturday morning, and they got to perform their cheer and a dance at the freshmen girls and boys basketball games. She had a blast!! And it was pretty fun for mom to watch, too :)


Gardenia said...

wow. acheerleader on the court already. she'll love these pics years from now when she's captain of her high school cheerleading team!

Leslie said...

they are all gorgeous!