Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Look who's SEVEN!!

Happy 7th Birthday, Kristen!! What a great day we had. Kristen went to daycare until about 2:00 when I picked her up. She took cupcakes to share with her class after lunch. From there we headed straight to the mall and I surprised her by taking her to Build-A-Bear. She picked out a Panda and dressed her very cute. She named her Eliza. We hit Happy Hour at Sonic, then came home and she opened presents. Then we headed to McDonalds for a playdate with several of our Guatemala friends. We'll do some more celebrating over the next several days, then hopefully have a small party with a couple of her friends in about a week. Here are just a few of the pictures I took today. She was really excited about some of the presents she got. She's only 7 but already has Bieber Fever (2nd picture below).


Leah and Maya said...

wow! Happy 7th Birthday! sounds like alot of fun already. I'm happy we are just in the Hello Kitty phase.

Valerie said...

Adorable! But how in the world is she already SEVEN?! :) Happy Birthday!!!!

Gardenia said...

wow 7!! time does fly. what a beauty she is -- that smile!