Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birthday Party

Last night Kristen had her 1st slumber celebrate her 7th birthday. Some of her friends were able to come celebrate with her for a little while, and two of the girls spent the night. We had pizza and birthday cake, and they played and giggled and had a great time. Kristen is so happy that her friends came to celebrate with her.

Anna, Hannah, Kristen, Bethany, Abby, Landis

Princess Carriage Birthday Cake
The Birthday girl making a wish.

Opening presents. Landis, Abby, Kristen, Anna, Bethany.

A group shot, including her cousin, Hope.

Beautiful girls!!

The next morning, blowing bubbles and playing with sidewalk chalk. Anna, Kristen, Bethany.


Valerie said...

So fun! It's also fun to see faces I recognize in there -- Landis, Abby, and Anna!

Did you make the cake? Super cute!!!

Valerie said...

Oh, and Hannah, too, although I've never met her or Landis in person, just Abby from a long time ago. Seriously, how could all these be kids already? They're supposed to still be chubby little babies...;)

Phyllis said...

Valerie - Thanks! Yes, I did make the cake. The kids are all growing up so fast.