Friday, July 30, 2010

Cheer & Tumbling

I am so behind on blogging...this summer has really been busy. We've been having lots of fun. I'm going to try to catch up a little over the next couple of days. School starts in three weeks so I need to get my act together :)

Kristen finished up her Cheer & Tumbling class in May and they had an end of year showcase and pizza party. They showed us the things they had learned, then we had the pizza party and their teacher handed out awards to each of the girls.

Kristen received the "teammate" award. She said Kristen was always very sensitive to the other girls. She was always the first one there to help if someone got hurt, and always helped the other girls if they didn't know where they were supposed to be standing in the formation.

This class taught just the basics...cartwheels, round-offs, backbends, etc. But Kristen couldn't do any of those things at the first of the year. She's decided she wants to take the class again this next year and continue to improve on what she's already learned. Hopefully she'll be doing back walkovers or even back handsprings by the end of next year :)

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Leah and Maya said...

that looks like alot of fun! what a great award to receive.